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Our mission is to share our expertise with you as well as the latest technology and offer a customized service to better serve your patients. Everyone deserves to smile.

Expertise: Our experimented team of technicians specialized in crowns and bridges is working and following the amazing world of dental technology. We are proud to be part of your success and appreciate your trust and fidelity since day one.

Technology: We are very informed of the latest trends in technologies and we are constantly keeping up to date by following courses and industry events. We’ve been working with University of Montreal since 2002. One of our iTero machines is at University of Montreal giving dentistry students the opportunity to work with digital impressions.

Customized service: We adapt to the needs of your patients and deliver a superior quality of crowns and bridges to meet their expectations. RB lab has a room for shade selection available to patients and dentists. Equiped with a dentist chair, this room is useful for big cases adjustments that requires the presence of the patient and the technician. Our team is available to provide support to the dentist and to discuss each case, we strongly believe that communication is the key.