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Temporary crowns and bridges

These are a must in some cases where patients have to wait for their final restorations and do not wish to show up in public with missing teeth. Even though they don’t last very long, they are still esthetical and very functional. One of their important functions is to prevent other adjacent teeth from moving.


LaserStar Cobra® brings a lot of solutions to the lab and dentists such as assurance in the stability of your implants cases. Cobra® is very high precision and offers the option to weld the same metal or different types of metals without any risk of distortion. Cobra® we can also add a clasp to a partial without having to redo the whole partial.


Many dentists ask for Procera when it comes to abutments because of their ability to fit practically any angle, taper, finish line, height, width and cross-sectional form. They can also compensate for odd angles and implant alignments. The material consists of 99.5 percent pure aluminum oxide and is biocompatible. It is excellent for concealing underlying surfaces, such as amalgam and root fillings.

Recommended preparation:

BelleGlass composites

BelleGlass HP heat-and-pressure processed polymer glass is the low wear/high strength material of choice for the laboratory fabrication of exceptionally esthetic inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.

Signature crowns

These high-end restorations, studied at the IOAD «Master of Anterior all ceramics». They are made with a lot of precision and require a special attention from our technicians. They provide an artificial gum, a personalized stratification of the porcelain, selection shade and special coloration if necessary.