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Virtual Diagnostic

Help your patient visualise the final product!

At RB dental lab, we use an image editing software that gives an accurate preview of the final restorations. With this kind of software, the final results will be no surprise. Ask your patient for their opinion and preference before starting any case with us.

It’s perfect for a rotated tooth, short tooth, whitening teeth or even for a full mouth reconstitution! Plus, all costs are refundable when we do the case!

Send your pictures to our e-mail address: anas@labdentairerb.com

A few tips to follow for a good picture:
• The camera should be over 6 mega pixels,
• Make sure there’s enough light,
• The occlusion is slightly open to get a clear view of the teeth,
• Use the macro mode for more precision
• The better quality your picture, the more satisfied you will be!